We will spoil your with our diverse range of food and menus, be it in the morning, at breakfast time, at noon with our varying lunch menus from our creative kitchen, in the afternoon with our delicious choice of cakes from our home bakery, or at dinnertime with fresh and innovative meals. 

Enjoy and soak in the special atmosphere in “La Petite Galerie”, which is equipped with a fireplace, or in our cosy tea parlours. When the weather is good we will gladly serve outdoors on the terrace or in our Meditarranean garden. 

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- Afternoon -

You have the choice of tasting a slice of the freshly baked cake from our small bakery, or perhaps a butter waffle with fresh fruit, if you wish. Or maybe a bowl of ice cream sounds more inviting to you on a summer day?

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Gift vouchers

Opt for one of our prepared packeges or choose purchase a voucher that holds a specific sum of money that you determine individually to let the gift recipient choose how they would like to spend it. We will happily assist you in putting together a personalised voucher! You can get gift vouchers every day during our regular opening hours directly in our hotel.

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