Unfortunately there is no complete historical report on our 400 year old house, too many of those documents got lost during the times of war.

Originally the building in Bachstr.1 is recorded as town house and brewery. In the 19th century it was used as a tobacco warehouse. Horses walked in a circle in the court and drew up the sacks of tobacco. The steering wheel for the rope still exists below the roof.

Being run as a guesthouse and hotel since the turn of the 19th to the 20th century the southern part was destroyed by the bombs of 27th March 1945. The father of the present owner bought the ruin in 1949, restored the front first and opened a hotel again.

In 1954/55 the late Gothic gable front with half wheels and the big pointed arch shaped portal were restored in an exemplary manner (quoted from Dehio guide of arts). Eventually in 1991 the back part of the building above the vaults were restored and all hotel rooms were adapted to the latest standard.

As we feel highly committed to the tradition of this place we took all efforts in order to achieve a valid reconstruction of the building in Bachstr. 1.

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